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Is Youth For Equality an organization of upper caste People?

Nothing can be far from truth than this statement. In fact, Youth For Equality looks truly beyond the caste and for Members of Youth For Equality 'caste' is a word for denouncement only. Our members and supporters cut across all the socio-religious divisions. Youth for Equality is a group of patriotic nationals who want to see the India as a superpower.

Is Youth For Equality is concerned with reservations only ?

Students, citizens and professionals of different shades were involved in various campaigns before the Youth For Equality appeared on the scene in May 2006. These campaigns were reform in education, justice for all, protection of environment, against the criminalization of politics, and campus oriented problems to make India vibrant. Imposition of illogical reservation in Central Institutions of Higher Learning acted as catalyst to bring all of these people to a single platform. We believe the present reservation policy is one the faces of corrupt, failed, insensitive , anti-people governance.