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If you rear a snake, one day it is bound to bite you : C Ramesh

The Gujjar Agitation is once again on the full swing. A lot of blood has been shed and property damaged. There is tension all around and disruption of peoples lives. But not one of the so-called political leaders who have nurtured the serpent of "caste-quotas for social justice" have yet shown the sagacity or wisdom to come up with a path-breaking solution. All kinds of hair-brained solutions such as inclusion of Gujjars in de-notified tribes (when they have never even been notified in the first place), separate gujjar quota (impermissible for only one caste and in breech of 49.50% limit) etc are being suggested by the Raj. Govt. Each solution is a remedy worse than the disease. Worse, most of the solutions suggested are down right illegal and impracticable. All political parties have turned casteist under the pressure of casteist outfits from TN and Bihar. No party is an exception. Each has become a prisoner of casteism and yet is wishing that the monster of caste quotas will go away. All of us must make a public appeal through media (print & electronic) and urge the political leaders to find solutions in the interest of the society and the Indian nation, without playing favourites.  


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