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why is the govt sleeping over quotas?

India, India. India is the land of equal opportunity. people in India ejoy the same rights and priviliges throughout. Is this really the case or is it just "haathi ke daant khane ke kuch aur, dikhane ke kuch aur"? reservaions are supposed to be for people who are underpriviliged. but why are they underpriviiged anyways? what is caste system? isn't it dividing the society? and if it is then what is the present quota system doing? is it not further dividing the people? there so many questions to be answered but still the govt is in a state of tranquill. they think that by passing the law for the so called betterment of the "backwards" they have accomlished their goal and now they can enjoy a holiday. but what about the thousands of the so called "priviliged" class people who are facing a situation of grave danger to their proper growth and education? should these people be allowed to suffer blows just for the sake of some one's vote banks? where are the "new generation" politicians of the likes of Sh. Rahul Gandhi now? well i would like to dedicate a song to him " lukkachuppi bahut hui, samne aaja na". well is he back from the T-20 vacation from a UP village? and if yes then is planning another holiday o a congress governing state? just like the phoenix, casteism has taken a re birth from its ashes, as far as the modern society is concerned and the ummon has been sent by the UPA run Indian govt. why do government policies always lead to an extreme effect on the population? it is rightly said that old age is the twin of infancy and childhood. just like a normal kid, our aging politicians have always been behaving the same and are the most apahetic people of all towards the coutries welfare. even some young and enthusiastic politicians have been colored in the same color("koyle ki khaan mein jaoge to kaala rang to lagega hi"). SUMBODY PLEASE HELP THEM WAKE UP AND ALSO GROW UP.... JAI HIND.  


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