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For The Backward classes, By The Government, of The government

Today in class we were studying history (Nazi's and Hitler), when our Sir gave an example and related the Nazi scheme of racial discrimination with the past treatment ( In ancient times) to the backward castes/tribes.

He told us how jews were made to sit in different sections of the classroom while studying and later on they were removed from "desirable students" (Aryans school). I Totally disagree with this horrific system.

But our Sir also related the story to Dr. Ambedkar (A Dalit and a great human being), who while studying in school was made to sit in a far corner. Later on He did his doctorate and was active in the struggles for Dalit equality. His aim was Dalit equality, NOT DALIT DISCRIMINATION.

Today 61 years after Independence, The dalits are still dependent on the government. Today a BC/OBC/ST student securing say 60% in the JEE gets entrance whereas a student scoring 90% doesnt. what kind of discrimination is this? The pure talent of the country is getting diminished. Due to such policies most of the youth prefers working abroad, studying abroad (where there is no reservation and admissions are based on pure merit) etc.

In todays TOI Students edition, there was an article how Indian people contribute millions of dollars in Tax to the American government. Imagine if all these taxes are paid to the Indian government. This means better infrastructure, better funding for IIT's , IIM's etc.

And here is the main thing about reservation.

A student getting 60% in the JEE almost certainly may not be ble to handle what is not being taught.
This means that a seat in the prestigious IIT's goes waste.
So this means a waste of the tax payers money/governments money for the  


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