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Three fatal flaws in the Rajasthan compromise : Contributed by Mahesh Chanrashekaran

Three fatal flaws in the Rajasthan compromise :Tarunabh Khaitan/V. Venkatesan
The following points in the above article, posted in the 'Opinion' section of this web site deserve comment
(1) Participatory justice requires that important public institutions should have adequate (though not proportionate) representation of "all" social groups. Reservations in legislatures and public bureaucracies seek this kind of justice. [As per the current reservation policy (quota + right to the balance was well), representation of "all" social groups is not envisaged at all. Those who do no fall within the ambit of "any backward class of citizens" are not entitled/assured of even one single place in the whole nation. That is a fact. As the seat allocation to PG medical 2008 in TN shows, the non-backwards have got NIL seats. The only remedy is to leave the nation. That means the end of citizenship. And, that is the unstated objective]
(2) The expression "adequate representation" is not defined at all. And so far, no government has expressed an opinion (nor they will) that the backward classes are adequately represented under the State, including in TN, where the 'reserved' classes have atleast 99% jobs. In that context, one does not know as to what more "adequate representation" is required. [But as we all know, the media that regularly publishes data on caste representation in the Central Govt, is very careful not to publish similar data from State Government employment. This kind of journalism is called "jounalism of courage"]
(3) Article 16(1) guarantees the right to "equal opportunity". [However, caste-based fees, invariably requiring even the poorest person of the non-reserved category to pay astronomical application fee, meet higher cut-offs etc violate this guarantee. The conditions are such that a poor person of the non-reserved category may not even be able to apply, while a rich 'backward' wil 


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