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51% of businesses owned by SC/ST/OBCs : Mahesh Chandrashekaran

In response to the above mentioned article published  recently in this website (http://www.youthforequality.com/must-read/51-percent-of%20businesses-owned-by-SC-ST-OBCs.aspx ), I would like to make certain observations:

This article, originally published in TOI, is a typical example of how the media has completely sold itself to the "backward caste" lobby. No private business man is revealing his caste. Therefore the data on caste-wise ownership of businesses does seem spurious.
1) The very first para itself builds a case for continuing with the caste-based preferential systems and caste politics. In the entire South India the so-called "political empowerment" happened more than six decades ago and to attribute that to 51% caste-based ownership of businesses now does seem far fetched.
2) More than anybody else, the empowerment of SC/ST has been the maximum and on that very basis, the maximum ownership of business establishments should have been theirs, which is not the case as the data suggests.
3) If SC/ST/OBC happen to constitute over 75% of the population as per Mandal, the majority of business ownership is bound to be in their hands for the simple reason that the ordinaries would simply not be able to cater to the whole society. Political empowerment has no relevance to the ownership of businesses.
4) If people are disadvantaged, how is it possible for them to own precisely 51% of the businesses?
5) So far as "social disadvantage" is concerned, it is an expression conceived with ulterior purposes. Even the NCBC says that social disadvantage cannot be defined!
6) On the one hand the article says that a majority of sc/st/obc owned businesses are run without hired help and elsewhere it not only provides data which contradicts the claim 


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