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Scholarly Contribution

You can cooperate Youth For Equality:

  • To constitute expert groups. This can monitor the state of education, human development, human rights, primary health and environment in the Country. This list can be expanded as per availability of experts. This group can also bring out suggestions for the betterment in these above mentioned fields.
  • To prepare a network of people (both of Indian origin and other nationals) who can oppose the discrimination and irrational policies, as being practiced by Indian politicians.
  • To help us counter the propaganda that caste is the only source of deprivation.
  • To bring out and propagate the measures to prevent caste discrimination (both the State sponsored and socially motivated).
  • To suggest and initiate concrete steps for upliftment of real backwards of the country.
  • To suggest name/contact details of the individuals/organizations working in the same area and who are willing to join YFE's think-tank panel to propagate YFE's idea and philosophy.
  • To spread the philosophy of YFE and disseminate information. Take information from this web site, translate in regional languages, photocopy or print, and distribute to masses.
    Also, the message can be spread via e-groups (e g ,orkut, yahoo group and similar groups)
  • To keep us informed. Provide us documentary evidences in form of Government Orders,
    reports, or similar documents regarding illogical government policies. If you come across any such information, share it with us.

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