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Shri Shiv Khera launched Bhartiya Rashtravadi Samanta Party

New Delhi. Renowned author and business consultant Shri Shiv Khera launched the Bhartiya Rashtravadi Samanata Party (BRSP) on July 14th  with a promise to work for the upliftment of weaker sections of society based on the economic criterion.
The party declared to take a public stand against all caste and religion-based reservations and the policies of the appeasement. In fact, Mr Khera has been a consistent and one of the most vociferous supporter of Youth For Equality in its fight against caste based reservations.
The party's board includes Lt. Gen(retd) Prem Sagar, Dr S C Manchanda, a leading cardiologist, Mr Ramesh Agarwal, President, All India Transporters Welfare Association, Justice Devender Gupta, Former Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court, and Mr J R Agarwal, Founder All India Equality Forum.
''This party has not been formed by a group of disgruntled politicians who did not get a position of power, and instead has been formed by a group of committed people who have come together on a common platform with a mission to discharge their obligations to the nation,'' Mr Khera said.
Mr Khera said that following ten questions reflect the ideology of his party, and if someone answers these in affirmative, he/she can join his party:
1. In a country, where an honest citizen is afraid of his own Government, Police and Judicial system, do you agree that it is slavery, not freedom?
2. Do you agree that in order to prevent further division in the society, the system of caste-based reservations should be abolished and substituted by system of upliftment based upon economic criteria?
3. Do you want to put an end to this policy of appeasement in the name of secularism by the opportunists for their selfish interests?
4. Do you want India to adopt an effective population control policy?
5. Do you agree that India requires an effective national security policy to deal with the problems of terrorism/illegal infiltrations?
6. Do you agree that for the honest citizen to get justice in India, having a witness protection plan is essential?
7. Do you agree that in order to keep the criminals away from holding any public office, the right to recall must be accompanied with the right to elect?
8. Should India have a uniform civil code?
9. Do you agree that corruption is destroying our society and we need a corruption free India?
10. Would you like to stand-up against injustice, crime, corruption and poverty?



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