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We are living in the era of expression invention and India provides a fertile ground for such a dubious intellectual activity. Over the past several decades, a number of terms and expressions have been invented (with utterly mischievous and diabolical intentions) and thrown into the public arena. If one were to examine (i.e honestly) the available data and scrutinize the appropriateness of the expression/nomenclatures, one is likely to be presented with the astounding evidence that Indian politicians, the media and assorted extremist elements have lent whole new meanings to the expressions, which are exactly the opposite of their regular dictionary meanings.

In the above context, the expressions “Upper Caste", “Forward Caste", “Caste Hindus", “Higher Castes", “Lower castes" “marginalized", “oppressed" etc are some of the popular products of the fertile imagination of casteist elements, caste hate-promoters, constitution-destroyers, citizenship-deprivers, religion-converters and regretfully, the Indian media.

Not a week passes without one or more articles appearing in the print/electronic media containing a mention of some people called “Upper Caste", “Forward Caste", “Caste Hindus", etc.

The more frequently used expressions, “Upper Caste", “Forward Caste", “Caste Hindus" etc do not exist in the Constitution of India, and there does not exist any Government Order categorising any set of India’s people as such. Despite this, these expressions which have no legitimacy in the eyes of law continue to be freely used predominantly by the media and various casteist/ separatists/splittist/anarchist individuals and groups.

Consider the following events that prove that the expressions “Upper Caste", “Forward Caste", & “Caste Hindus" have no sanctity so far as the constitution and the Government is concerned:
(1) At a seminar "Empowerment of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Minorities through Elementary Education" held on 17th May 2007, the PM, Shri Manmohan Singh, is quoted as saying “If there were views about the problems faced by children from the ‘other' sections of a community, they should also be taken on board". It obviously was a reference to the ordinary Hindus.

(2) About two weeks ago, the Government of India had announced a subsidy scheme which classified SC/ST/OBC/Minorities of India as “special class" and the rest as “General Category". But it is undeniable that in this instance the so-called “general category" is nothing but a reference to the ordinary class Hindus.

(3) Moreover, at the Centre and in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, Commissions have been constituted to propose welfare measures for the advancement of Economically Backward Classes (not covered by any scheme of reservations). Nowhere have either the Central/State Governments used the terms “upper caste/forward caste" etc.

The use of the illegal and unconstitutional terms “upper caste", “forward caste" usually with respect to the ordinary Hindus who are not entitled to benefits of “any special provisions" is actually a vicious and diabolical trick of anti-social splittist/segregationist elements and the media which is hand-in-glove with them. And the trick is to go on telling a section of the Indian society that they are “upper", that they are “forward" etc (even if they are begging) and being upper/forward, must surrender their right to live, their right to citizenship and other rights (that are commonly available to the citizens in a ‘democracy’) so that those other than the ‘forward’ can progress/advance. Simultaneously, having told a section of the society of India that they are “upper/forward", it is being implied that rest of them are ‘backward’ and hence should be entitled to “special rights" that too for eternity.

What is carefully and deliberately ignored is the fact that nobody has claimed that they are upper/forward etc, while scores of people have been instigated to fight for the brand of “backward/most backward/extremely backward/severely backward/extra-ordinarily backward/miserably backward/appallingly backward/abominably backward etc" status.

It is also important to expose the duplicitous conduct of the media. When the Rajasthan CM recently announced reservations for the economically poor brahmins/baniyas/vaishyas caste people, the “Indian" print media said “quota for upper caste" and when crimes against scheduled castes are reported from Tamil Nadu, where brahmins/baniyas have no role to play, the perpetrators categorised as “backward/most backward" too suddenly become “upper caste"! A major English language newspaper from TN (The Hindu ) has frequently resorted to the trick of using the word “Caste Hindus", apparently with the ignoble objectives of hiding the caste identity of the perpetrators of anti-sc/anti-brahmin atrocities.

Another trick of the print media is to print statistics on “SC/ST/BC/Minority" representation in Central Government/PSUs/Central Universities by claiming that the same has been obtained under RTI. However, the statistics on super-representation of SC/ST/BC/Minority people in State Jobs/college seats in TN/Karnataka/Andhra etc is carefully and deliberately avoided, because it will bust the bogus claims of marginalisation of these groups.

The electronic media is not far behind in resorting to this duplicitous trick. One may recall that that not long ago a farmer leader had been arrested for referring to the UP CM by “caste" name. It is well known that the farmer leader belonged to the “special provision" group (SPG). A major TV channel with the motto “whatever it takes" carried a discussion on the incident on its 10 PM show and what does one see? The headlines “Have upper castes bowed to the Dalit CM"? Now how did a SPG representative become an “upper caste" It was an obvious trick not only to shield the “caste" identity of the wrong-doer but it also shows the extent to which the media has been terrorised in the “world’s largest democracy" to protect “backwardness".

The expression “upper caste", in particular, is a pure invention with clearly ulterior purposes. When concessions/privileges are conceived for the imaginary “backwards" they are called “weaker sections" (weaker in what way?) by the Indian/Hindustani/Religious media and when the imaginary backwards/most-backwards indulge in caste-based crimes against scheduled castes/Brahmins & other Hindus, they suddenly become “upper castes". This kind of duplicitous usage is a well-thought out conspiracy of the newspapers to hide the identity of perpetrators of caste-based crimes and to protect their imaginary “weaker sections" tag.

What is shocking is that after indulging in shameless/cowardly publication of false, exaggerated and one-sided data/news items, some of them are continuing to proclaim themselves as “courageous"!!!

Yesterday (i.e 15.09.08), the verdict on the ghastly Khairlanji massacre was delivered. The victim was identified as “Dalit" i.e scheduled caste, but except the TOI all other newspapers/electronic media identified the convicted as “Upper Caste"!!! The Reason – to mask the “category" of the accused!

A note on the term “marginalized"
To end the matter, let us consider another frequently used term “marginalized". The Oxford English Dictionary describes as “make (a person or group) feel less important or powerful"
In TN, 99% of the jobs/education seats/assembly seats are with the SC/ST/BC/MBC/DNC/…C, yet they are called weak, backward and (of all things) “marginalized"!!!
Which proves the contention that in present-day India, regular English/Hindi words mean exactly the opposite of their regular dictionary meanings.

Advisory to all ordinary Hindus
All ordinary class Hindus are advised not to fall to the trick of the anti-social individuals and groups and media which continue to use with ulterior purposes illegal, unconstitutional and anti-social terms which have no legitimacy. As explained above, those who are not entitled to “special provisions" among the Hindus are Ordinary Human Beings first and ordinary Hindus next. They are neither Upper nor Lower and neither Forward nor Backward.

The use of illegal and unconstitutional expression “forward caste" bestowed on the Ordinary Class Hindus is a diabolical trick to force such individuals to surrender/snatch their citizenship rights as is already happening all over India.

All ordinary Hindus whenever they come across such mischievous usage of illegal terms should write protest letters to the editor/ministry along with a copy of the offending article.


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