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Leftists’ sham sympathy for the poor : Mahesh Chandrashekaran

Since the beginning, the communists have portrayed themselves as champions of the poor (i.e the ‘exploited’ and ‘oppressed’) and opponents of the ‘exploiters’. Indian leftists are no different. But it is all a big, big sham. In recent times, many such opportunities arose when the Indian leftist could have stood up for the cause of the ‘poor’, but on each occasion they have sided with the aristocrats, zamindars and the oppressors.

First, take the issue of compilation of the so-called BC/MBC lists in States and the centre. The leftist never opposed the insertion of aristocratic and zamindar castes, such as Yadavs, Jats, Lodhas, Kurmis, Kunbis, Thevars, Gounders, Vanniyars, etc into the BC/MBC lists. Secondly, after making weak noises opposing the grant of reservation benefits to the creamy layer BCs, they quietly acquiesced in their inclusion for quota bounties. Now as is well known, to negate the Supreme Court order on the so-called OBC quota issue, the Super Creamy Layer with earnings up to Rs.4.50 lakhs has been rechristened as Creamy Layer. Once again the leftist, the self-proclaimed friends of the “poor and the oppressed" have kept quite!

But what takes the cake is the unwillingness of the communists to consider the very concept of economic backwardness, which is the defining feature of the ‘poor’. Both, West Bengal and Kerala (intermittently), which have seen several decades of ‘pro-poor’ communist rule, have opposed reservation benefits to the ‘poor’ (i.e the economically backward) and instead, have lent support to the ‘dominant’ groups, christened as ‘weak & backward’.

The Kerala Government after having opposed quota to the economically backward (which should be the main criteria for Affirmative Action), has recently turned around and announced ‘quota’ for the economically backward among the so-called ‘forward’ communities. But anyone with elementary knowledge of the constitution must be aware that the term ‘forward community/caste’ does not exist in the constitution and the categorisation of any set of people as such is wholly unconstitutional.

Even if one were to assume that ‘forward’ castes is a reference to those Hindus currently excluded from the ‘quota’ benefits, the quota it transpires has been restricted to BPL forward castes. Now what is the criteria for defining BPL families? A family with earnings below Rs.22000/- per year (i.e. Rs.1820 per month) can be categorized as BPL family. Now, how many of the BPL people would actually able to complete school so as to be able to avail the quota? Even if they were to complete school, how many of the impoverished would have the capacity to compete with zamindar/aristocratic groups? Thus the usefulness of providing education quota to severely impoverished people can well be imagined. But in the case of the so-called OBCs, one may recall the Kerala Government’s contention that there are “no creamy layer" among OBCs in Kerala! In other words, the wealthiest of the so-called BCs would be entitled to reservations! The contrast could not be starker For one category, no income limit and for another category, the miserly BPL limit!!!.

So far as West Bengal is concerned, the communists have emphatically stated that there are no economically backward classes among the non-quota class at all! The National Commission for EBC which visited West Bengal in August 2008, was told this astounding fact by the WB’s communist government.

After having failed to eradicate poverty in their states, the leftists surely deserve kudos for coming with such a novel mantra for combating poverty, which seems to be, simply deny the existence of the poor! How we wish that the leftist could come to power all over India. Overnight, poverty will vanish and India will become the richest nation on earth!

The hypocrisy of the leftist also needs to exposed on their atrocious attitude of labeling the ‘rich’ as ‘exploiters/oppressors’. Can it be denied that many who are rich/better off today, were at one time poor and through sheer dint of hard work and enterprise have become rich? Then, what is the meaning of abusing and mocking them? If one goes by the logic of the leftists, it seems the poor should not become ‘rich’ because they would become ‘oppressors’. In other words, the poor should remain eternally poor!

There is no economically backward class in West Bengal’

IE 11.08.08
The Left Front government does not feel the need for a survey by the National Commission for Economically Backward Classes (EBCC)….  Justifying the state government’s decision, Backward Classes Development Minister Jogesh Chandra Burman said all the 65 backward communities in West Bengal have been included in the OBC category. “In my knowledge there is no other community left. So, there is no reason for the survey," said Burman. Recently, a three-member team of the EBCC…met Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee to assess the situation in the state with regard to the commission’s terms of reference. Top officials of the department were also present at the meeting… “In the meeting, our officers clearly stated that there might be people who are economically backward in all the communities but economically backward communities are enlisted in the OBC list," said Burman…


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