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Awake, arise, and protest !

August 17, 2011

It is the time.

We all talk about the problem of corrupt politicians, We all talk about criminalization of politics, We all talk about the stale, rotten, and inefficient system.

Have you ever realized as to why this is happening? We say “Because politicians are corrupt and criminals".

The next question is “Why are our politicians corrupt ?".The answer is “Politics is filthy. No good person will join the politics".Now problem is here. If good people, because of their goodness, decide to remain aloof from what is happening, if we allow the corrupts to go scot free, the filthy and corrupt will decide our fate.

The usual lament is “the corruption has very deep roots".

But have we really tried sincerely to uproot the corruption?
No, we never dared to do so!
Under the false pride of being educated intellectuals, we just remained meek spectators and crookedness took over the country.

What is the use this goodness?
Is goodness is just another name for cowardliness?
Let’s wake up and shed our cowardliness and fight the evil forces.
We cannot simply be spectators when our fate is being decided.
If we do not fight back, we are supporting the same corrupt people about which we keep on whining.

Let’s fight back!

Be the part of revolution. Fight for the Change!


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